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From the rarest cigars in the world to a great deal on big name brands, rest assured

Cana Cigars has you covered.



Cana Cigars began with a dream. A simple dream, to create worlds class cigars and share our passion with others. Staying true to inherent old traditions, we handcraft inspired cigars that embody out independent spirit and voice. Driven by boundless imagination combined with a lot for expectation, we have set out to create the world’s finest cigars and memorable experiences for our customers, “Cana Cigar Lines” are meticulously hand created on the sunny rich soiled of the Dominican Republic.


Our passion for the fine cigars has grown to encompass those things which enrich our smoking experiences in doing so we have developed one of the most exquisite and excellent portfolios of quality blends with fulfill the most exigent challenging taste and need of today’s cigar smokers “Cana Lines” presents you with many exquisite blends: Limited Edition, Gran Reserve, Vintage, Classic, Cana Tube, VIP, Executive, Cana Legend, Cana Silver, Cana Gold, Cana Mini Classic, Cana Latinos, Cana Collection and our line of cigarettes, Cana Blue, Cana Red, and Cana Slim. Our exquisite name products are carefully hand roll to perfection, enveloping them in a Brazil-Ecuadorian wrapper with imparts a rich nut-like flavor.